Aide is a registered Colorado architect, LEED Accredited Professional, and Certified Passive House Designer who has been working in the field of green architecture for 20 years. She has sustainably designed at different scales, from neighborhood planning and commercial development, to home and product design. Aide worked for many visionaries in the field, including Gail Vittori and Pliny Fisk of the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, Doug Farr, author of Sustainable Urbanism, and building researchers at the US Army Corps of Engineers. Aide is a licensed architect, LEED Accredited Professional, has a dual Masters degree in Architecture and Structural Engineering from the University of Illinois, and earned a professional firefighter certification. She has hands-on experience in Life Cycle Assessment to track carbon and chemicals through manufacturing and construction, and Energy Modeling.  Most recently she worked on a software development project to automate Energy Plus modeling, during which she taught herself to write code in Python, C#, and javascript.  Her consulting company used the tool to provide energy efficiency compliance for commercial and multifamily projects (see

Aide is now focusing on single family home design and development. With the loss of her own home in the Marshall Fire, she has tried to find ways to help her neighbors rebuild. She helped form neighborhood communication groups and provided free, candid architectural advice and worked with colleagues to create an accurate cost calculator for code requirements going back to 1990, which neighbors can use to document their insurance Ordinance and Law coverage, and also explore options for energy efficiency rebates. See that technical guidance here. She is now collaborating with a colleague as Harper Lake Homebuilders, to rebuild neighbors’ homes in the Marshall Fire burn zone, harnessing the power of factory built modular construction to deliver higher quality, lower cost homes that are energy efficient, healthy, beautiful, and give back to their community.

See the project above, or see full resume and selected portfolio items.